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2 Years Cologne Minimal @ Bogen2 Cologne

11.05.2012 Einmusik, Johannes Retschke, Bedrud & Andreas Giese, Braun & Dräger

Cologne Minimal @ Bogen2 Cologne  Cologne Minimal @ Bogen2 Cologne
artwork by Johannes Retschke

Start 23h at Club Bogen2 Cologne HBF


Einmusik - LIVE- (Einmusika/Berlin)

Johannes Retschke (Pulstar)

Bedrud & Giese (Cologne Minimal/Rotfenstermusik)

Braun & Dräger aka Marqueses & Alec Tucker (Cologne Minimal)

It is Birthday time!

On the 11 of May 2012 Einmusik will quite joyously! be joining us from Berlin to portray his album "Oceans Bottom" from his "home-made" Label Einmusika, assuring us with his live! set a conclusive "all-above-the-body"-feeling at Bogen2, Cologne. Einmusik understands like no other how to mesmerise the masses with his tracks. Since years in business of creating harmonious displays of hypnotic sounds he redefines himself ever new without managing to misplace his sense of the pulse of the illusion of the time and the monkey smoking a cigar. If the name "Jittery Heritage" means nothing to you, just wait till the track flows and you'll stand amazed with those goose bumps on peaks's end and understand what we mean when we say "you shall never forget this night!"

With his new Album "Oceans Bottom" Einmusik sets the bar high once again in terms of melodic sounds, however he never seizes to forget to feed and nourish the beat-hungry crowd entranced on the dancefloor.

We are genuinly(!) proud to welcome Einmusik on Firday 11th of May 2012 and are delighted to enjoy a performance which musically seeks for something of its kind.

Also on board:

Johannes Retschke (Pulstar)

Bedrud & Giese (Cologne Minimal/Rotfenstermusik)

We present you the newly released project of Daniel Marqueses & Alec Tucker "Braun & Dräger" (Cologne Minimal)

With no complaints(!) we return to our favorite location in which 2011 we were able to welcome as guests Hanne & Lore as well as Anna Steffens back in 2011.

2012 we outweigh ourselves even further by presenting you our first very own on the Label "Rotfenstermusik"

On 11.05.2012 the new vinyl with the soundproof title "Cologne Minimal EP" will be presented to you for the first time ever in full length.

Also on board are amazing remixes of a number of Cologne Minimal Artists!

coming soon...

...out on Rotfenstermusik

"Bedrud & Gabler - Cologne Minimal EP"

House - Techno - minimal
Club Bogen2 Cologne
Trankgasse 2
HBF Köln

Start: 23h
Entry: 10€

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Date 11.05.2012

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Bedrud Grolle Gabler

Releasedate 27.07.2012 // rotfenstermusik

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